TTSFlasher Download and Documentation

Last updated: 9th October 2018

TTSFlasher is an online multi-functional tuning tool aimed to connect customers worldwide to our tuning capabilities.

Simple but Functional

The software has been designed to be simple enough to be used on a personal level for a single vehicle, but functional enough to allow tuning shops around the globe to work with us on multiple vehicles a day.

The software acts as a wizard stepping you through the process bit by bit with clear and simple instructions.

Low Cost

TTSFlasher is based upon the well regarded OBD Interface technology but also simple so the physical hardware cost is low, but also high qualit and high reliablityy.

Any Time Tuning

TTSFlasher allows you full automated access to all base maps you are licensed for plus your own personal custom maps to flash at any time at your leisure. The software also supports fully automated credit purchasing and vehicle licensing so no matter where in the world you are, you have access to your tune.

Quality Tuning

We provide each vehicle type with its own unique set of base maps for various common levels of modification, whether it be a standard car or modified vehicle, tunes are available for purchase and download as required.

Our tunes have been dyno tested and road tested extensively to ensure quality and reliability, some even track tested too.

Many licenses include a group of several similar tunes for you to select from, giving you the best fit for your vehicle. If none of the supplied tunes match, contact us and we can upload additional tunes or even fully customised and personalised tunes accessible only to you!


The system has been designed with an expandable frame work allowing us to support additional vehicle Makes or Models and ECU’s as we see fit, so your investment in TTSFlasher may carry onto your next vehicle.