TTSFlasher Download and Documentation

Last updated: 9th October 2018


Download the latest version of TTSFlasher here, future updates will be automatically downloaded each time you start the software.

Download TTSFlasher Software

The software will automatically download the drivers if required, however if you require them seperately you may download them here.

Download Interface Drivers


Step 1) Download the latest version of TTSFlasher from above to your computer and run the Setup.exe program. This will launch a simple installer follow the instructions and press ok

Step 2) Once downloaded you will find a TTSFlasher icon located on your desktop or start menu. When you run the software it will first check you have the drivers and cable installed. If you have this done already you'll go straight to the Login screen and you're ready to go by following the User Guide to learn more.

Step 3) The software will prompt you to download the Interface Drivers if you have not yet done so. Click 'Yes' and then wait while the drivers download.

Step 4) Once the drivers are intsalled the software will prompt you to connect your Interface Cable to your computers USB Port. Connect the cable and the softwware will launch once the cable is detected.

Please note the first time you connect the cable it can take 2-5 minutes for Windows to properly detect and install the cable. This will not happen after the first usage and the software should load instantly.